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Lift Kits in DeLand, FL

Enhance your view of the road in the thickest of traffic with one of our carefully-selected lift kits in DeLand, FL. There are advantages and disadvantages involved in either a body or a suspension kit, so it helps to have an experienced automotive professional to talk to with Raw & Dirty Performance. If you use your truck for work, and you do a sizable amount of towing during the day, one of our kits is sure to make life easier for you and your vehicle.

Leave others behind you in the dust when you modify your vehicle with a lift kit and the large tires you have always wanted. There is no question your truck will catch the eye of others as you tower above the rest of the pack. Lifting your car or truck is a great way to improve performance and appeal, without spending a fortune in the process.

Before you start disassembling your truck and throwing caution to the wind, bring it by our facility for a consultation. We are ready to answer all of the questions you have about the lifting process, so that you are able to identify the right type of kit for your particular vehicle. After your lift kit has been installed, take the transformation to the next level with one of our custom paint jobs.

Lift Kit Solutions

There are a number of reasons that a driver may choose to invest in any of our truck lift kits. From afar, a lift kit may seem to be a modification that simply improves the look of your vehicle. Many love to soar along above the rest of the compact cars they share the road with. Others are interested in accommodating larger tires for off-road adventures.

During your initial consultation with our lift kit team, we can help you find the right approach for your vehicle. It may make the most sense to connect the kit to your truck's suspension. Our team is equipped to install a new suspension lift kit, and leveling kits wherever needed. Many of our clients use their trucks for work, and a tool chest or suspension winch may cause an uneven load distribution. That is where a leveling kit is needed the most.

Black Truck  in DeLand, FL

A Truck That Towers above the Rest

Instead of limiting the heights that your truck is capable of, make the move to our truck suspension lifts. If you are looking to spread awareness of your company, just combine a lift kit with our engaging car wraps, and make others take notice.

Contact us today to secure the lift kits you need for your high-performance vehicles. We proudly serve customers in DeLand, Daytona Beach, Deltona, DeBary, and Ormond Beach, Florida.
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